A New Kind of Materials Company

Focused on specialized and sustainable materials that create ground-breaking products for a better world. Welcome to Avient.


Our Story

Avient exists to conquer challenges and unlock the potential of innovation and sustainability everywhere on earth. We connect exceptional people, ideas and science to create sustainable material solutions that enhance performance and protect the environment. These solutions enable customers to transform their visions into products that improve quality of life in meaningful, dynamic ways.

Our Promise

Sustainable Partnerships & Innovation

At Avient, we turn challenges into opportunities because progress is our passion. We will never stop exploring better ways to help move the world forward with purposeful, responsible materials innovation that prioritizes the well-being of people and our planet.

For Our Planet

For us, social responsibility and success are not mutually exclusive. Sustainability is integral to who we are and how we operate. We give people the power to pursue their individual visions of health and happiness while ensuring that freedom doesn’t come at the expense of precious natural resources.

For Our Customers

We’re ready to join you on your journey into the future with extensive global reach, resources, and enduring support. Together, we can get better products to market faster. Our specialized material science and supply chain capabilities give you the edge to outpace your competition and lead with industry-best quality, sustainability, and agility.

For Our Partners

As we expand our portfolio and reach, we promise to take our partners with us. The launch of Avient delivers exciting new growth opportunities as we capitalize on evolving megatrends and expand into emerging global markets. The world is changing in amazing and dynamic ways, and we will be there with the specialized and sustainable material solutions required to help make it all happen.

Our Name

Avient: Beyond the Status Quo

The Avient name is a word invented to reflect our commitment to inspiring each other-and the world-to pursue and achieve our fullest potential. Together, with our customers, we stretch the bounds of material science to dismantle the status quo and improve lives all over the world.